" Sincere Services to all Levels and Walking Farther Together. "

Welcome to the website of Kose Products Factory Co., Limited.

Welcome to the website of Kose Products Factory Co., Limited. We are willing to provide services to all distinguished customers in receiving to produce cosmetic products with good quality corresponding to the demands of all customers regardless of being large or small volume. We are pleased to provide service with our willingness and attention in all details to ensure satisfaction to all customers.

Our plant has received standard, criteria and good method in producing cosmetic according to GMP ASEA standard from the Food and Drug Administration Office. Therefore, we can have confidence that products produced from our company have met standard, have quality, are clean and can be checked to increase confidence of all customers.

Our business team desires to respond to our customers’ demand in all aspects by providing one stop service, which has service in supplying package, recording notification receipt number with the Food and Drug Administration Office (FDA) and registering trademark to provide convenience to all customers as well as giving consultancy service on marketing from making plan for production of goods up to step of placing products for sale.

We are glad to top the customers’ achievement and ready to walk along with the customers under the corporate slogan
"Sincere Services to all Levels and Walking Farther Together."


Our firm emphasizes on maximum product quality and possesses the proprietary formulas that are distinct from others.

Facial and Skin Nourishments

Produced under the proprietary formulas made from our firm’s research and development focusing on the vivid outcomes after application.

Hair Nourishing Products

Made from quality raw materials to build healthy, shiny hairs without dryness or breaking ends.

Products in Bathroom

Produced under the quality formulas and with natural ingredients, the products freshen and cleanse the users.